• hope-breast-cancer-awareness-pink-bracelet-yellow-gold-shylee-rose-jewelry
  • hope-breast-cancer-awareness-pink-bracelet-yellow-gold-shylee-rose-jewelry
  • hope-breast-cancer-awareness-pink-bracelet-rose-gold-shylee-rose-jewelry
  • hope-breast-cancer-awareness-pink-bracelet-white-gold-shylee-rose-jewelry

"Hope" Breast Cancer Awareness PINK Bracelet

$ 105.00

Breast Cancer has touched the heart of too many of us.... Losing my dear sister-in-law, Charlotte Hope, to this awful disease, I have the chance to honor her with making my Protection bracelet in PINK and giving 50% of proceeds towards Breast Cancer research to help find a CURE! This is for the WARRIORS that are fighting the fight, who have fought the fight , and the ones who we honor and remember!

Please allow 5-7 days for production & delivery.